Woodsprial Photography





Below is a small selection of my photos from the last few years. You can see and purchase many more of my photos on Alamy. Occasionally when I remember I post a few images to Instagram. Some of my older photos are still up on Flickr.

Equipment Used

These days I almost exclusively use my Nikon D810 with either the 24mm/f1.4 or the 28-300mm/f3.5-5.6 walkabout lens. The walkabout lens at 28mm is crazy sharp, sharper than any other lens I've owned, ever! Previously I've used a Canon 60D, Nikon Coolpix (went through two of those) and snaps on the iPhone 5 and 6. Prior to that my first digital camera was a Kodak EZ200 which was fun. In the film days I used a Leica M3 and a russian camera whose make I can't remember now!

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